Some suggestions for posting your Festival/Races on our calendar.


Make the name of your event easily identifiable.
While many events have a large number of sponsors, please make the actual name of your event easy to read and separate from any advertising slogans or taglines.

Clearly list the FULL date for your event.
Most festival websites only list the month and day.  This guarantees confusion as it is impossible to determine if the date is from last year, this year, or the upcoming year.  Full date listings with month spelled out, day and year are strongly recommended.

Clearly list the FULL address for your venue.
For teams that are planning on travelling, it is important that they know exactly where they are going.  Please list the full address: Lake Somewhere, SomeCity, SomeState.  You can usually leave off the country, but there are also those who travel internationally who might benefit from knowing exactly where in the world your event is located.