What is a Club?

A club team is defined as any crew that regularly practices and races together. All
members of the club must reside close enough to practice regularly with the club and hold
membership with the club for at least six months prior to the event. If your club has members with addresses that do not appear to be from the same area as the club, be prepared to send documentation to justify their inclusion along with the roster, in advance, based on the above requirements.

We will follow the IDBF guidelines regarding club membership.

Please see the IDBF regulations below:
4.3 Club Crews. In IDBF Championships for Club Crews a Racer can only represent one Dragon Boat Crew. The rules for National Crew Representation need not apply but all competitors must have been bona fide members of the Dragon Boat Crew that they represent, for at least SIX (6) months before the Club Crew Championships in question.

4.3.1. A bona fide Club Member is one that has regularly trained and/or competed for the Club Crew that they represent during the minimum period of six months shown in 4.3. A bona fide Club Member will normally be resident in the Country in which the Club Crew is located. A Club Member who trains and competes with a Club Crew from a different Country or Territory or a geographical Region within a Country to the one in which the Club Member himself (or herself) is normally domiciled, will only be considered as a bona fide Club Member if they can prove that they have physically attended their Club to train or compete for a period or of at least twelve (12) weeks, over a minimum period of two (2) racing seasons. (Nov 06)