USDBF Fundamentals of Dragon Boat Coaching Course

3 Day Classroom Component for USDBF National Dragon Boat Coaching Core Certification

WHEN: February 9-11

WHERE: Portland, Oregon

Course fee:  $300 (includes lunch both days)

To Register:

Course highlights include:
Team safety – injury prevention
Basic stroke mechanics – coaching strategies
Identification of your coaching style
Ability to create & utilize team mission and goal statements
Design team season and practice plans
Learn to capture and use video as a coaching tool
Develop “critical eye”
Develop a race day plan
This course is designed to benefit dragon boat coaches of crews from novice to competitive.  It will serve as the classroom component for USDBF Coaching Core Certification. Core Certification will require successful completion of additional follow-up work for assessment which will be made available to class participants post-course. 

This USDBF training course is led by Connie Flesuras, founder of Dragon Boat Training and long serving member representative for the USDBF.  Connie brings 20 years of recreational, national and international dragon boat paddling, coaching, drumming, team and club management experience to this course development.   She has been instrumental, with the help of other US National Coaches, in the development of the USDBF Coaching Certification Curriculum and Assessment Program.  In addition to this Fundamentals Course, Connie has been involved in the development of the USDBF Advanced Coaching Course that will serve as classroom component for the USDBF Advanced Coaching Certification that will be rolled out later this year.

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Dragon Boat Training

improve your team's performance

Dragon Boat Training is proudly led by Connie Flesuras. Connie brings 20 years of dragon boat paddling, team and club management, coaching, and drumming experience to the company. As a founding, and still active member of Wasabi Paddling Club in Portland, Oregon – one of the largest paddling clubs in the United States, she is ready to share a wealth of knowledge about the sport with you and your club.

Connie brings experience in club management and crew training. She works closely with many US dragon boat paddling clubs to enrich and improve the paddling experiences for their members. She is especially proud of the opportunity to work with the Breast Cancer Survivor paddling community since 1993. She helped to create the first breast cancer survivor dragon boat team in the United States.